French Riviera Wedding Guide

Claire Macintyre

November 4, 2020


After years of working in the South of France wedding industry, working with hundreds of couples, I have finally created an extensive handbook for couples planning or thinking of planning their weddings on the French Riviera, including the best wedding venues, my Little Black Book of the best English speaking Riviera wedding suppliers like florists, makeup artists, celebrants, planners and more! 79 pages full of my insider knowledge, connections and Riviera wedding essentials, all curated in my beautiful Riviera Wedding Handbook to help you plan your wedding like a pro!  

I know you will find it helpful and inspiring in your search for your dream wedding venue on the Cote d’Azur!

Bon Chance with your Wedding on the French Riviera! Claire M xoxo


An insider’s guide to planning the perfect, stress free wedding in the South of France. No fluff, packed with insider knowledge and information that you won’t find on any internet search. 79 pages of essential information including:

• Regions to discover
• Wedding Venues
• Planner vs DIY?
• What time of year to choose
• Ceremony options and legalities
• Wedding day timings + wedding day planner
• Riviera Wedding essentials
• Little Black Book of Riviera Wedding Suppliers

This handbook is essential reading for international couples who are thinking of or are planning a wedding on the Cote d’Azur, written by South of France wedding specialist, Claire Macintyre.

Beautifully designed, it’s a treasure you’ll want to keep. Print-it out or download it to your computer, tablet or smartphone in a fillable PDF format.


French Riviera Wedding Handbook by Claire Macintyre


French Riviera Wedding Planning Guide by Claire Macintyre


The French Riviera Wedding Handbook is written by South of France wedding specialist Claire Macintyre.

Claire is an international wedding photographer known for her timeless, elegant, sentimental and iconic wedding, lifestyle and editorial photographic work. Her talent for storytelling, capturing the most delicate of emotions and her ability to connect with her subjects makes her work unmistakable.

Her unique style is full of romance, light and beauty, inspired by the mid century modern glamour of the French Riviera, the magic and spirit of Provence and cinematic documentary style photography, making her a favorite with wedding and commercial clients worldwide.

British born Claire moved from London to the South of France for the light and the almost endless days of sunshine and is based in Provence and on the French Riviera, traveling across all of France working with clients from all over the world.

In this one of a kind guide, Claire shares her expertise built over her 8 years of experience as a wedding professional and a local, from the most sought after venues to building the best timeline for your day.





French Riviera Wedding Planning Guide


French Riviera Wedding Planning Guide





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