Working with Claire and her team for your wedding in France makes life incredibly simple.  British born, based in the heart of Provence and the French Riviera you will benefit from our first hand experience of creating wedding photos and films for hundreds international couples in the south of France. 

Serving a limited number of clients each year to give each couple the time and attention that we believe they deserve, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and your experience is just as important to us as the wedding memories we capture for you. 


"There are many photographers to choose from, but few have Claire's distinctive voice which comes from years of developing a personal style and the eye of an artist. 

Claire’s love of and life in the South of France gives her work a unique ethereal quality that sets her apart as a true artist with the ability to elevate a moment into a timeless memory.

Claire’s creative talents combined with superior customer service makes her my first choice for photographer in Provence and the Riviera.”

Based in the heart of Provence, Claire is a renowned photographer known for her timeless, elegant, sentimental and iconic wedding, lifestyle and editorial photographic work. Her talent for storytelling, capturing the most delicate of emotions and her ability to connect with her subjects makes her work unmistakable. 

Her unique style is full of romance, light and beauty, inspired by the mid century modern glamour of the French Riviera, the magic and spirit of Provence and cinematic documentary style photography,  making her a favorite with wedding and commercial clients worldwide. 

British born Claire moved from London to the South of France for the light and the almost endless days of sunshine and is based in Provence, traveling across all of France working with clients from all over the world. 

Claire will share her expertise built over a decade of experience, from advice on shot lists to building the best timeline for the day. She will gently direct you for the most flattering, relaxed portraits, but will also capture the genuine candid moments in her unique cinematic style. She has a relaxed approach to taking photos to allow real moments to unfold and capture them. 


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Claire works alongside her husband Barrie, side by side at each wedding and every day in the studio to create perfect memories of each wedding.

With Claire as photographer and Barrie as videographer, they work seamless alongside each other ensuring beautiful aesthetic consistency between the wedding photos and the video, the perfect way to showcase the ambiance of your celebration.

Claire and Barrie take pride in their fluid professionalism and deep devotion to creating a genuine and fulfilling experience for their clients, from the first email to the last moment captured, they are just as passionate and invested in your wedding as they were their own. 

Providing wedding photography and videography in Provence and the Riviera, Claire and Barrie are the first choice for international couples having a destination wedding in the South of France. 

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