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An Autumn Wedding at Ufton Court

Ufton Court Wedding


No Kidding. Ross & Rachel got married and I was there to capture the day. Ok, so it’s not the Ross & Rachel you’re thinking, but this couple are probably more gorgeous anyway.

I adore this couple, and their families. The whole day was full of love and laughs, and the autumnal colours at the beautiful venue, Ufton Court, created a back drop that left me breathless.

I’m gonna stop talking and let you look at the pretty pictures. 🙂

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Ufton Court Wedding2016-01-27_00162016-01-27_00172016-01-27_00182016-01-27_00192016-01-27_00202016-01-27_00212016-01-27_0022Ufton Court Wedding2016-01-27_00262016-01-27_0027Ufton Court WeddingUfton Court WeddingUfton Court Wedding2016-01-27_0032Ufton Court WeddingUfton Court WeddingUfton Court WeddingUfton Court Wedding2016-01-27_00372016-01-27_00382016-01-27_0039Ufton Court Wedding2016-01-27_0041Ufton Court Wedding2016-01-27_00442016-01-27_0045Ufton Court Wedding2016-01-27_0042


Ufton Court is a gorgeous wedding venue, and if you are considering it as your venue I say go for it! The staff are wonderful and the grounds are breath taking.

Hugs, Claire M xoxo


(With thanks to my assistant for the Nikki Van Der Molen)

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