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A Very Rainy Vintage Beach Wedding

Vintage Beach Tea Party Wedding

Jenny & Mark. Oh Jenny and Mark, how I adore thee. Jenny is nearly as bonkers as me, and Marc reminds me so much of my equally bonkers, gentle, kind and loving partner, and I was mad as hell at mother nature for raining on their wedding day, but then I got the pictures loaded into my Mac and well. You can see for yourself. Yellow wellies WORK with a tea length dress.

I loved all the vintage touches to this wedding, from Jenny’s Fur Coat No Knickers wedding dress, the shabby yet chic 70s church, the white London cab, the tiny and intimate tea room serving scones and sandwiches to the guests and the stunning double sided cake! Phew, I’m exhausted again just writing about it! Here’s the pretty pictures. Rain be damned!

2016-01-27_00002016-01-27_00012016-01-27_00022016-01-27_0003Vintage Beach Tea Party Wedding2016-01-27_00052016-01-27_00062016-01-27_00072016-01-27_00082016-01-27_0009Vintage Beach Tea Party Wedding2016-01-27_0011Vintage Beach Tea Party Wedding2016-01-27_00142016-01-27_00152016-01-27_00162016-01-27_00172016-01-27_00182016-01-27_00192016-01-27_00202016-01-27_00212016-01-27_00222016-01-27_0041Vintage Beach Tea Party WeddingVintage Beach Tea Party Wedding2016-01-27_0024Vintage Beach Tea Party Wedding2016-01-27_00232016-01-27_0028Vintage Beach Tea Party Wedding2016-01-27_00332016-01-27_00422016-01-27_00312016-01-27_00302016-01-27_00402016-01-27_0032Vintage Beach Tea Party Wedding2016-01-27_0035Vintage Beach Tea Party Wedding2016-01-27_00452016-01-27_00462016-01-27_00392016-01-27_00432016-01-27_00442016-01-27_00492016-01-27_00482016-01-27_0047Vintage Beach Tea Party Wedding

So if it rains on your day, just grab your wellies and head on out into the ensuing storm. Jenny and Mark have some really unique images becuase they trusted me and just went with it. Whatever happens on your wedding day it’s unique to your story, so embrace it. You certainly can’t fight it.

xoxo Claire M

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